Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Collaborative Art Project

Over the last few weeks, four (really five if you count sections) of the Art Department classes have been working on a collaborative project.  The participants are students from Drawing 1, Ceramics 2, Design in Art and Digital Drawing (Graphic Design).  The Drawing 1 students used Photoshop and Wacom Drawing tablets with MacBook Airs to create the original monster.  The drawings were then sent off to Ceramics 2 for construction.  While the Ceramics students were creating a 3D version of the monster, the Design in Art class was using Photoshop and Wacom Drawing tablets to animate the little creatures.  After production, the Digital Drawing (Graphic Design) class developed packaging to house the creatures as if they were going to be sold in stores.  Below are some of the outstanding results!

Drawing by Jhulendra A.
Ceramic sculpture by Lila O.
Animation by Alexandria L.
Drawing by Lacretia P.  
Ceramic sculpture by Lauren
Animation by Sienna D. 
I will keep posting more as they are finished!